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Compete to Challenge Your Team and Earn Titles!

Will your dog be a top ranked specialist or a versatile competitor in multiple sports? Check out the list of sport options currently offered:


Run with your dog on cross country style trails with the extra boost that dog pulling power gives you. Earn titles virtually or at in person races!

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For dogs who love to swim, jump, and fetch- we have four different game styles to choose from, and we’re the first dock organization in Canada to offer a Champion title!

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This outdoor sport is perfect if you have an interested in large area detection work, and if your dog enjoys searching and retrieving!

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This fun new event allows you to test your dog’s maximum speed by motivation them to recall as quickly as possible. A canine 100 yard dash!

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Each competing dog needs a registration number in order to enter events. Your dog’s registration number lasts for their entire lifetime and allows them to compete in any NDS sport for which they are eligible.

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Check out the NDS events listing for 2023 and discover a trial local to you!

Host a Test or Trial

We exist to make hosting tests and trials as painless as possible! From reasonable event fees to online judge training programs. 

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