Our goal is to be a AAA organization: Affordable. Accessible. Appealing.

National Dog Sports sprouted as an idea in late 2022 by a group of dog sports enthusiasts who really wanted an organization built FOR competitors BY competitors. By 2023,  we were ready to roll out our first full competition season! We started with dock diving trials, and quickly expanded to shed antler and timed recall trials too. Our virtual test program launched in 2024 and we’ve got some other exciting additions planned too! 

We strive to make sportsmanship a fundamental constant at all NDS events. Dog sports should be fun, fair and feasible! We’ve worked hard to create programs that evaluate excellence in competition while maintaining accessibility and affordability for competitors and hosts all across North America. We hope these values are appealing to you as well!

NDS founders are competitors too.

As such, we’ve been involved in a variety of sports, in a myriad of organizations at countless host facilities- and this means that we have had a lot of opportunities to know what we like and need in a dog sports club- and what we don’t. Building on the systems and features that have appealed to us and adapting the things that were less functional helped us craft National Dog Sports into what we believe will be the most user friendly dog sports organization available.

Whether you are brand new to dog sports, or a seasoned competitor, we think you’ll like the format of friendly and progressively challenging events and the convenience of having them all under one organizational roof.  Register and compete or host with us for the best all around dog sport experience in multi sports, regardless of where you live or what type of dog you own.


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