Getting Started As A Competitor



Register Your Dog

Your dog will need an NDS Competition Registration Number in order to compete in any NDS event. Good news- one number lasts the lifetime of your dog, with no renewals- and it’s good for all sports!

Review Sport Rules

Each active sport has a page with overviews for both the test (virtual and in person) and trial (in person competition) options- and links to the full sport rulebook. Check them over and let these rules and guidelines support your training!


Search Events

When your dog is ready to compete, you’ll be able to see the list of planned events on our website. Click each event’s premium and entry link to get full details as well as entry form information or links.

Compete & Enjoy!

Submit your virtual test videos, or attend your in person trial and event.  Earn certificates, ribbons and placements or accumulate scores for badges and titles.



Check Scores

Complete event results and scores are emailed to all competitors, and dare posted online within 2 weeks of an event. You’ll be able to see them here and note any titles or awards earned!