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How do I register my dog?

Follow this link to our easy online registration form HERE.

Do I need to register my dog for each different type of sport?

No! Once your dog has a registration number with National Dog Sports, you’ll use the same number for any sport. 

Can my rescue dog compete or is this only for purebreds?

All breeds and mixes can compete! Some events have minimum age limits that you’ll need to watch for but no breed restrictions exist and dogs from all types of backgrounds are encourged to compete with us!  

Can I just show up at an event and enter?

No- you’ll need to register your dog in advance, and complete the entry procedure for each event. Entries will usually close 1-2 weeks in advance of the competition date. 

What’s the difference between a Test and a Trial?

 A  Trial is always put on by an official host and has an element of competition involved. A Test can be put organized by a host or set up on your own, and is submitted virtually. Trials emphasize beating the course, and other teams. Tests emphasize the highest level of skill compared to an objective standard. Both Trials and Tests offer the option to work towards different title streams.

Our club already hosts trials from a different organization. Can we also host NDS trials?

Yes, at least from our perspective!  NDS events do not require you to be exlusive. Find the full requirements for hosting by clicking HERE.


How can I become a Judge for NDS events?

We are working very hard to make judging requirements accessible! Details coming soon- please shoot us an email to get on the judge training waitlist! (

How do I teach my dog to do these sports?

Click HERE for  a collection of trainers, links and resources that can help you get started.