Dock Diving

Dock Diving is the super fun sport that combines retrieving, jumping and swimming! One dog and either one or two people team up to compete in events that challenge the dog to jump further, faster, or more efficiently! Your dog needs an NDS Competition Number to compete- click HERE to register for a number. 


Dock Diving Trials are in-person competitions, hosted by clubs or facilities with access to a 40 foot or larger pool. Each trial will hold multiple rounds of competition in each event- you can choose to enter only a few or every event in a trial.

Click below for the full rule book or scroll down to learn more about title options in dock diving!


Tests are set up to evaluate specifically skill elements within the sport. Tests can be organized, in person events, or you can video your dog completing the specific test elements and submit them for evaluation. A full size pool is not required for tests. Complete all the element tests to earn your dogs Skill Verified badge!

To learn more about Dock Diving tests, Click HERE.

Dock Diving Trial Events

Long Jump

Throw a toy to encourage your dog to jump as far as possible! Distance is measured from the dock to where the base of the dog’s tail enters the water.

Collect points for each jump and bonus points for a win in your division or in the finals!

Quick Rules:
  •  One or two handlers on the dock with the dog
  • Dog must jump entirely of their own free will- no touching, blocking, or propelling the dog forward
  • Toy (not food) may be thrown to entice dog to jump. Does not need to be retrieved
  • One optional practice jump, and two scored jumps make up each round of competition. The best of the 2 scores becomes your official qualifying score for that round.

Grab Jump

A bumper (or toy of your choice) is suspended in the air- 2 feet above the dock for large dogs, 1 foot above for small breeds. Jump big and grab or knock the toy down at progressively further distances! Earn points towards titles with successful grabs and division wins.

Quick Rules:
  • Use the standard toy, or a toy of your choice as long as it has secure, 12 inch strings or strapps attached.
  • Handler determines starting distance of the bumper.
  • After a successful grab, the bumper will be moved one foot further.
  • If the dog misses, they will get one more attempt to grab that bumper. A 2nd failure ends their turn. A grab allows them to proceed.
  •  Maximum 6 successful grabs total and maximum 3 misses total.
  • The furtherst successful grab will be your official score for that round.

Speed Swim

Jump off the dock, swim as fast possible to the bumper (or toy of choice) at the end of the pool, and then race back!

Earn points towards titles with each qualifying score and bonus points for a division win.

Quick Rules:
  • Use the standard toy or a toy of your choice, as long as it has secure 12 inch strings or straps attached.
  • The dog will start at a set point on the dock and crossing the designated start line starts the timer.
  • The dog must remove their toy from the clips, but they do not need to retrieve it all the way back to the handler
  • Handler may use a 2nd toy and vigorous cheering to encourage a speedy return.
  • Time stops when the dog crosses the finish line in the water.

Fast Fetch

This game of strategy requires you to complete 3 retrieves in under a minute. Retrieves must accumulate a total minimum distance of 60 feet for large breed dogs and 50 feet for small breeds, where the distance is measured based on the toy’s location in the water.

 Quick Rules:
  • Dogs may use only the ramp, or the dock, or any combination for this game
  • The time starts when the first toy hits the water
  • The first toy thrown must hit the water before the dog does
  • The dog must not catch any toys in the air.
  • Each toy must be full retrieved to the ramp before the next retrieve begins
  • Each retrieve is awarded points based on where it is retrieve in the water. Ie if a toy floats to the 28 foot line where the dog first grabs it, that will count as 28 points. Maximum distance/points per retrieve is 35.
  • Time ends when the 3rd toy has been brought back past the 5 foot line in the pool.
Long Jump Divisions

0-9’11” – Novice

10-14’11” – Junior

15-19’11”- Senior

20-23’11” -Master

24′-27’11- Elite

28+ Premier


0-4’11” – Novice

5-8’11”- Junior

9-12’11” – Senior

13-17’11 – Master

18 + Elite


Grab Jump Divisions

6-9′ – Novice

10-13′ – Junior

14-17′ Senior

18-21′- Master

22 + Elite


4-6′- Novice

7-9′- Junior

10-12′ -Senior

13-15′- Master

16+ Elite



Speed Swim Divisions

<15.5 seconds = Elite

15.5-17.49 seconds = Master

17.5-19.49 seconds = Senior

19.5-21. 49 seconds = Junior

>21.5 seconds = Novice



<17 seconds  = Elite

17-18.99 seconds = Master

19-20.99 seconds = Senior

21-23.99 seconds = Junior

24-45 seconds = Novice


> 60 sec, or <60 sec and 60-69 pts – Junior

< 60 seconds and 70-79 pts – Senior

< 60 seconds and 80-89 pts – Master

<60 seconds and 90+ pts – Elite


>60 sec or <60 and 50-59 pts – Junior

<60 seconds and 60-69 pts – Senior

<60 seconds and 70-79 pts – Master

<60 seconds and 80+ pts – Elite


Earning Titles- Overview

Dogs must be a minimum of 6 months of age to compete in the Ramp Class, 1 year of age to compete in Long Jump, Speed Swim, and Fast Fetch,  and 18 months to compete in Grab Jump. 

National Dog Sports Dock Diving Trials operate a little differently than other leagues. To earn titles, your dog will collect points for every qualifying jump. Your dog also earns Win Points for being first in their division in each regular event or during finals.

For titles in individual events, you’ll need to accumulate the minimum number of points, and your title will be awarded in a particular division based on the average score of the jumps you’ve collected to earn the points. This means that every jump you make counts towards the next title you’re working on. In each different event style, you’ll be able to work towards advanced, expert, and specialist titles. Or- if your dog competes in all four events, you’ll be able to compete for Champion, Master Champion and Grand Champion titles! 

To be as inclusive as possible, we have a number of options available to help make competition fair. Compete only against the other dogs in your class!

  • Open class- for dogs 16 inches tall and bigger
  • Small breed class- for dogs under 16″
  • Veteran class- for dogs  8 years of age or older at the start of the season (January 1st)
  • Ramp class- optional class for dogs not quite ready to jump off the dock- offered in Long Jump and Speed swim only. Bonus win points are not available from this class.

Long Jump Event

Qualifying Jump = 10 points

Win Points = 2 pts for a division win, 5 points for a Finals win

Bonus Points = In Trial Long Jump Finals:  3 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd

Other Events – Grab Jump, Speed Swim, Fast Fetch

 Qualifying Jump = 15 points

Division Win Bonus = 2 pts