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Imagine if you only had to register your dog ONCE to compete in multiple dog sports AND you could get all your scores, titles, rankings and versatility awards in one place?

No matter where you are, our testing program lets you earn titles and awards through virtual competition options. Or, click below to find out where your closest trial will be held to compete in person!

Imagine all the Fun You’ll Have With Your Dog This Summer!

The first competitions we are sanctioning this year are in the sports of Canicross, Dock Diving, and Shed Antler Hunting and a brand new event called Timed Recall! Click below to get all the rules and details- and watch this page for updates on which sports will roll out next!


Canicross is the sport of ultimate teamwork where you and your dog run together.

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For the dog who lives to swim, jump and fetch!

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A large scale detection activity for outdoorsy dogs who enjoy sniffing and fetching.

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A 100 yard dash for dogs! See how quickly your dog will run back to you and your reward of choice.

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Each competing dog needs a registration number in order to enter events. Your dog’s registration number lasts for their entire lifetime and allows them to compete in any NDS sport for which they are eligible. 

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We exist to make hosting tests and trials as painless as possible! From reasonable event fees to online judge training programs. 

Click below to find out the difference between tests and trials, and how easy it is to get started as a host!

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