Timed Recall Program

Timed Recall Trials  are a fun way to showcase your dog’s amazing recall and to let them RUN!   Your dog needs an NDS Competition Number to compete- click HERE to register for a number. 

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In Timed Recall trials, dogs will run down a 50 yard or 100 yard straight track towards their handler. The time that it takes for your dog to complete the track is calculated along with their size handicap to produce a points score. Points accumulated in each run go towards titles! 

Dogs have a blast getting to race full out and you can enjoy discovering what sort of reward system helps to propel your dog to their fastest speed yet! 


Earning Titles- Overview

Dogs must be a minimum of 6 months of age to compete in timed recall trials. There is no upper age limit. 

Dogs earn points towards titles based on their speed (measured in kilometers per hour). Trials may feature either a 50 meter track or 100 meter track- full points are earned on 100 meter tracks, half points earned on 50 meter tracks.  

Small breed dogs earn a 1.5x point multiplier, Toy breeds earn a 2x point multiplier. 

Non Qualifying Scores: When a dog stops to potty, sniff or wander on course, escapes the course, or when a handler drops food at the end of the run. 

Timed Retrieve Titles

Novice Recaller

Points Required:


Advanced Recaller

Points Required:


Master Recaller

Points Required:


Expert Recaller

Points Required:


Specialist Recaller

Points Required:


Champion Recaller

Specialist Title, 2500 total points,  and 5 finishes in the top 10% of division




2 x Champion, 3 x Champion, etc


Each additional 2000 points will earn a new Champion title